Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun Kick-Off

With preschoolers the end of "school" is almost non-existent yet we still feel the freedom and possibilities that summer vacation can hold. We started off with a very fun week of VBS. Little I and Mr. C enjoyed all of the activities and MomE taught a great class of rising first graders.

This week the boys started swimming lessons and if their enthusiasm is any indication we have a couple of little "fish" in the making. I am so glad they are excited about swimming as it is one of those life skills they have to learn whether they want to or not!

To help fill the summer days and provide the routine that little people like I have adapted an idea from my friend Penny. I made a poster board of "life under the sea" and each morning the boys take turns pulling a sea creature out of a fish bowl and on the sea creature is our daily activity. We post the cutout on the poster board and at the end of the summer can look back at all the fun things we have done.

Tuesday was the first day and Little I drew "go to the Dollar Store" where they each got to pick one item. They both chose toys that squirt water and had a great time soaking each other.

Wednesday Mr. C drew "play hopscotch" and in some form or fashion we played several rounds until the 90+ degrees got to us.

We can't wait to see what we have tomorrow!

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