Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Vacation in PA - Lake Tobias

They boys & spent 2 weeks in PA this summer. We enjoyed the cooler weather (at least for the 1st week!) and I had fun taking them to places I enjoyed as a child. We played on the playground at my old elementary school, went to story time at the library and played in the green fields. One of our bigger trips was to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. The boys had so much fun seeing the zoo animals, feeding the animals in the petting zoo and feeding the buffalo, deer, and various large cattle you encounter on the safari tour.

Here the boys are checking out the alligators- a current favorite!

Little I, Mr. C & GG with the zebra they could pet and fed a cracker!

The boys feeding an Alpaca.

A Watusi, prized African cattle, which Mr. C bravely fed resulting in a VERY saliva covered hand. Thankfully the Watusi preferred crackers to fingers!

Summer Garden

We planted our first garden this summer. Little I and GG planted green beans in May. We then added 4 varieties of tomatoes (red zebra, brandywine, marzano & what was supposed to be grapes tomatoes but must have been labeled incorrectly) some herbs and a sweet baby watermelon.

Here the boys are picking the green beans. We had a nice crop and while they will not claim green beans as a favorite veggie they ate them. Victory!

The red zebra tomatoes have done very well, the brandywines are delicious but the plant grew so tall & heavy that we have had a hard time keeping it upright, the marzanos were disappointing and the mystery tomato is a mystery we would probably not repeat but we can now plan better for next year! We currently have two grapefruit sized watermelons growing and the boys are faithful to check on them anticipating the day they get to eat them!