Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter and More!

Who are those good looking boys?!? It's hard to believe that only a year ago Mr. C was still in Mom E's tummy and Little I was just discovering what he could do with a bat and ball. Now Little I is practicing hitting balls as I toss them to him and Mr. C has begun crawling (more on that to come in a later post)! This Easter weekend was a bit unusual for us. Mom E had a close family friend getting married in Texas and flew out to Ft. Worth with her parents for the wedding while I stayed home with the boys. This worried me for a number of reasons. I was initially concerned that Mr. C or Little I would really start missing Mom E and feel sad or distressed in her absence. As it happened, my sister and her family were traveling back through Birmingham from Spring Break in Disney World on Friday and stayed with us through Saturday. Consequently, Little I and Mr. C had distractions aplenty! I'm sure they missed Mom E, but the time with family really seemed to help. Little I was perhaps the most excited about the visit. He really loves his cousins and even thanks God for them nightly. Other prayers of thanks come and go--thanks for trains, cars, toys, the colors green and blue, the park, the science museum, etc., but "Aunt Ellie," "Uncle Joe," and their kids are regulars. We spent most of Saturday at the science museum and having fun around the house. My sister and her family left late Saturday night, leaving me with Sunday to manage the boys by myself...Easter Sunday. As you can see, I actually managed to get the boys dressed (in clothes Mom E set out before she left), and we even made it to church (albeit a few minutes late).
Everyone was excited to see Mom E later Sunday night. To my surprise, after just one weekend in Texas, Mom E stepped off the plane sporting . . . cowboy boots! GG and Papa, who were also at the wedding, sent a little gift for Little I from Texas--his very own cowboy hat! For Christmas, Aunt Anne made the boys a tepee and headdresses. As you can see, we're now all set to play Cowboys and Indians!