Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall is Here

Fall is the best season in Alabama. The weather gets cooler,
... trees turn colors, ... and college football reigns! This fall has been especially nice as far as college football goes. Newcomers to Alabama quickly learn that they must declare their football allegiance: Alabama or Auburn. As an alumnus from the University of Alabama School of Law, the decision to root for U of A was not a difficult one to make, despite the fact that my three years at Alabama were during the Franchione/[Mike Price]/Mike Shula debacles--all the while Alabama was under NCAA enforced sanctions. Still, for those of you who follow Alabama football, or football at all, you know that this fall is an especially good time to be an Alabama fan as the team is currently 11-0 heading into the much-hyped Alabama-Auburn Iron Bowl.
Of course, football is merely a diversion. The real joy of the fall has been to see my two boys grow and mature. Little I continues to talk in full sentences (his Mother's-Day-Out teacher said he is the only one in his class to do so). He is amazingly coordinated and "mature" for a 23-month old. Mr. C turning into Mr. Smiles, and his expressions continue to thrill Mom E and me. My parting shot was taken on my new camera--a digital SLR, which can take snapshots without that annoying delay, allowing for otherwise impossible shots such as this. Check out that form!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smiles and Coos

Mr. C has reached two milestones. He has turned over from stomach to back and he has laughed. I've not caught either one on video yet, but here he is smiling and generally being cute.