Friday, September 19, 2008

"I got smiles"

No, Mr. C didn't say that, he actually said, "I got gas..."! At two months Mr. C isn't just smiling when he has gas, however. He smiles and coos responsively to Mom E and me. Even big brother brings the smiles out from Mr. C. He loves his bouncy seat and, of course, ceiling fans. We're working on going to sleep without the bouncy seat and have hopes that Mr. C will soon decide to sleep through more of the night than just the first five hours. But with a face like this, we're in no position to complain.

"I got booger"

It was a revelation from Little I. He has boogers. We're learning a lot these days. We're learning our shapes, colors, numbers, and even letters. We're learning how to string words together, like the title of this entry. We recently took a trip to the McWane Science Center, where Little I was thrilled to see the fish, play with blocks that stuck to glass, pilot a rocket ship, watch a train, jump on a giant piano keyboard, put colored pegs in holes, and just generally run and explore. Here are a few pictures from the trip that show Little I having fun. My favorite word that Little I now says is "pentagon." Yes, he's advanced. Mom E's favorite word is still "kooker" (for cookie).

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Six Weeks Old!

Many of you have asked for updated pictures of Mr. C, so here are a few, including these where Mr. C is sporting a onesie made especially for him by his aunt Anne.