Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Pooh Bears

Here is a video from a few weeks ago that I've been meaning to post. It captures Little I being ridiculously cute as he growls like a tiger and laughs at the name "Pooh Bear."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gratuitous Bragging

Little I continues to make Mom E and I laugh at his antics. In the picture to the right, he climbed onto his play table without prompting. The fact that it was without prompting really makes it great. Little I has been practicing climbing up the stairs and has gotten quite good at climbing up and down the stairs all by himself. He also likes to hold my hands and walk up the stairs, taking entire steps with each stride. About two days ago, he decided to walk up the stairs backwards (while holding my hands). Again, it was without prompting. Then, tonight, he decided to make growling noises. He would climb up and down the stairs and toss about roaring like a lion or a velociraptor. It was funny because Mommy and I used to call Little I a velociraptor as a baby since he would eat voraciously.

Most incredible to me are the instances where Little I has displayed amazing recognition skills. One of our new favorite books asks how dinosaurs eat their food; one specific line asks if a dinosaur would "stick beans up its nose?" On cue, Little I points to either my nose or his. In the same book, there is a soccer ball. When I pointed it out, he stopped, looked up, pointed to a picture of a soccer ball in his room, and grunted. Then, today, I showed him a blue bird in a bird book. He went and got his puzzle with a blue bird on it. The recognitions go on and each one tickles me to know that his mind is growing, making connections, and figuring things out.

New Year New Blog

Happy New Year!
The Robertson Reporter (RR) is open for business. Thanks for stopping by. Our on-the-ground reporters are Mom E (Mommy) and Dad D (Daddy). We'll be updating the RR as often as we can.
As you can see from the picture to the right, Little I enjoyed Christmas and even tried to help Mommy bake Christmas cookies. Although he is smiling at the camera here, this is a rare moment where he was not completely enthralled by the Christmas tree. A favorite game of Little I's is to grunt and point to the ornaments while Daddy names them for him.
We spent Christmas day at home this year and even indulged in that ever-popular Christmas Story tradition of Chinese food for dinner. Mommy would have cooked Christmas dinner if she were not in the middle of her first trimester of pregnancy... Yep, if you've been diligent enough to read this far, you now know our big news--we're expecting again! Our due date is July 16, so stay tuned to hear breaking news regarding the newest Robertson.