Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

I am hoping that we have started a new Christmas tradition this year. We invited our good friends from And Baby Makes Three over to decorate gingerbread houses although this year it was really graham cracker houses (gotta wait until the kiddos are old enough to appreciate the work that goes into real gingerbread houses!) Considering the children are all under 4 I think we had a good showing for our first attempt. Most of the candy went on the houses (at least initially) and some real creative juices were flowing (at least in the female gender).

Little I, Mr. C and Bubs stare down the houses. This is the only time Bubs had anything to do with decorating. In exactly 30 seconds after sitting down at a table FULL of candy he darted off to play at the train table. Gotta hand it to him- real self control around sugar!

Bubs favoring Thomas over decorating gingerbread houses.

The Bean hard at work decorating her house. Unfortunately she decorated her roof so well that by the end her roof line was a bit flatter but tasted just as good!

Mr. C probably would have been playing with Bubs except he was strapped into his booster seat and he has a real sweet tooth. He was a bit more into un-decorating than decorating.

MomE puts one on and I take one off and put it in my mouth...

...or put it in my house for later!

Little I did a great job decorating and to my surprise did not eat much candy.

Carefully considering which color next.

Cheese! I am done and am wearing the chocolate mustache to prove it!

Both moms decided that the trial run was a success and we hope to try it again next year so stay tuned!

Little I turns 3!

Little I celebrated his third birthday this month. He of course wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday so everything was decorated in blue (for Thomas), red (for James) and green (for Percy).

Little I's friends enjoyed hot dogs, all the juice boxes they could drink and of course cake!

His cousins drove over from Georgia to help celebrate.

Mr. C and Cousin JDH battle it out in balloon vs. sword!

Little I blows out the candles on his Thomas Cake!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Look Back at Autumn

Sorry for the delay in posts but we have been busy as you will soon see! This past October we moved out of our townhouse and into a larger home with a wonderful backyard. The boys have loved the room to run and even have a treehouse with a slide. It is a wooded lot with trees holding more than 30 large bags worth of leaves- after 30 we have stopped raking them up! I sure hope Santa brings a leaf blower!

DadD, Little I & Mr.C went trick-or-treating and met some of our new neighbors. Mr.C was a friendly dinosaur while Little I was a ferocious lion complete with a growl.

The boys enjoying the backyard

DadD's proud new ride.

Mr. C hard at work!